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About Us
Outfitters Network (SSMBI) connects anglers and hunters to potential fishing and hunting resort destinations worldwide.

Outfitters Network is based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. Outfitters Network is an advertising service for professional hunting and fishing guides, outfitters, lodges and charters. We assume no liability for the advertisers on the website. We have no control and assume no responsibility for the quality, safety or legality of the hunting and fishing offered. We do not participate in the transaction between clients and the outfitters.
Why to join the Outfitters Network
It took our design team almost one year to complete the Outfitters Network web site. Each Lodge owner has it's own login permissions to their own Dash Board. The Dash Board allows the lodge owner to update and modify their lodge details. Each lodge has access to modulars such as an availability calander, upload cabins information, 10 picture photo gallery, explain different types of plans, offer different types of packages, along with Google maps, types of fish, type of game and nearby lakes.

Our next step was to introduced different types of users, such as a campground users, an event users, a marina users, a fishing charter users, & a flyin users. Each one is unique and offers different modulars.

We then decided to expand on the user permissions and within each user we create "Social Media Marketing". This allows each user account to post comments to our Twitter and Facebook pages. We also wanted to expand on this feature and allow general user the opportunity to add comments. The owners then can decide if they want to post the comments on their site and on Facebook and Twitter.

In November 2011 we completed our final stage on our web site. We create a final user called the Store user. The Store User can add products in our multi user store for fishing and hunting. This will allow store owners to add products under specific catagories so that viewers to our site can pick the best price.
Apps & Design Studio
All of our database work is now completed and we were able to proceeded to our next step and design a web server so that we can create Phone apps for Blackberry, iPad, Andriod and iPhone. It took us over 1 year but we are proud to say we were the first team to develop Fishing & Hunting Apps to promote Fishing & Hunting Lodge.

In October 2112, we have just finished our Fishing and Hunting Design Studio. We will be adding hundreds of designs for you to choose from. This allows the lodge owner flexibility when it comes to managing their web site. View our design studio and try our demo.

We are in the process of designing an affiliate program, this section is under construction and should be available within the Spring of 2013.

Why Outfitter's Network! We have over 30 years experience with online businesses. Our main objective is always looking for new ideas to help your business.

They say that there is a 15:1 ratio right now of people using mobile devices vs. desktop computers. Therefore it looked like mobile devices such such as BlackBerry, iPad, iPhones, Android and Window 7 are the way of the future.

We hope that you join us by becoming a member our the "Outfitter's Network".